WorkCover Claims

A Physiotherapist who knows and understands Aged Care has all the tools available to improve the outcomes for WorkCover Claims.

Our Physiotherapists have an outcome focus and see the importance of all groups participating actively in the RTW process.

Physiotherapists have the ability to identify and eliminate the barriers to a return to work and see it as our role to work through these for an outcome. By focusing on effective injury management organisations can decrease the costs and number of claims dramatically and it also creates a culture of support but expectations of outcomes for all employees.

Xtra AgedCare has a program developed to assist long term claims utilising a multidisciplinary approach, we too aim for outcomes that will be best for the employee, employer and WorkCover.

To assist you with your claims please contact Xtra AgedCare.

Services offered:

  • Injury Management services
  • Early Intervention (Treatments/JA/RTW)
  • Graduated Return to Work Plans
  • Job Analysis
  • Case Conferences
  • Specialised Long Term WorkCover Claim Outcomes