Wellness at Work

Xtra AgedCare has been pivotal in the development and in depth research of organisational approaches to injury management and prevention in the Aged Care industry.

Xtra AgedCare have used the concept of Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) to evaluate, design and measure interventions in aged care. A research project funded by Employers Mutual Ltd through LASA-SA and project managed by Xtra AgedCare has provided significant results of the effectiveness of employee assistance programs (EAP) using onsite Physiotherapy and Psychology to improve PSC and ultimately reduce injury rates and costs. Other benefits were improved sick leave, staff turnover, safe work practices and compliance which also in turn saved the organisations money.

Director of Xtra AgedCare Robert Bowden has presented at the Aged Care National Congress on Organisational Psychosocial Safety Climate and how to influence this with Physiotherapy and Psychology approaches as outlined above.

Xtra AgedCare has a multidisciplinary team specifically trained in the ability to assist organisations using the measure of PSC.

Interventions Include:

  • Injury Early Intervention (Expert Physiotherapist to manage injured staff)
  • Early Graduated Return to Work Plans and Job Dictionary Development
  • Management Workshops (developing PSC and designing interventions)
  • On-Site Physiotherapy treatments for staff
  • Psychology EAP for staff
  • Safety Training (Risk Management and Manual Handling)
  • Multidisciplinary (Physiotherapy and Psychology) staff workshops
  • Organisation wide health promotion strategies (ie City to Bay, Men’s Health Week etc)
  • WorkCover assistance to gain outcomes

For more information please contactXtra AgedCare and we will be happy to discuss your needs and start the process to improve your facilities PSC.


Psycho Safety Climate : The role and significance in Aged Care (PDF Document)