MoveXtra Wellness & Exercise Program

MoveXtra is a program of treatments and exercises designed to maximise fitness and wellbeing, through involvement in enjoyable and socially-interactive activities.

Each MoveXtra client will receive an initial physiotherapy assessment during which a program of individual treatments, exercise and wellbeing classes will be tailored for them.

With the option of two classes- Core Movers and Active Movers, clients can attend classes which are held 3 times per week and run for 45 minutes. In addition, clients will receive an agreed number of half-hour allied health treatments during each year. These will work on specific issues and target areas for improved health and wellbeing.

The MoveXtra program will be offered at an affordable price and clients who have ‘extras’ health insurance will be able to claim benefits for these services, considerably reducing the actual out-of-pocket cost of MoveXtra.