About Us

Xtra AgedCare.  A scientific approach to hands-on care.

Xtra AgedCare is truly unique in the aged care industry.

Numerous studies have shown that chronic pain and lack of mobility are major factors affecting the quality of life for residents of aged care facilities. However, care for the elderly doesn’t usually stretch much further than meeting their basic everyday needs. Xtra AgedCare has addressed this problem by implementing a multi-disciplinary approach to residential care; meaning every client has a comprehensive care plan with input from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and their families.

Your ACFI funding. 

Our priority.

Delivering superior aged care is expensive.  In order to make such care sustainable, ACFI funding is vital.  This is why your business needs Xtra AgedCare.  We’ve spent a decade developing the industry’s most comprehensive systems to achieve accreditation and improve ACFI funding for our clients.  But the benefits don’t stop there – by improving staff wellbeing and injury rates, we are able to increase efficiencies and save organisations significant indirect and direct costs.